The Products
The Products

Caviar is not just for eating! It’s for the skin, too.

Caviar Skin Care Products have an amazing effect on the skin serving as an anti-aging ingredient that helps to diminish fine lines, wrinkles and feathering. It also contributes to renewing and regenerating energy to long forgotten dead skin cells.

Here’s How:
Over time skin cells tend to ‘slow down and stop regenerating, which can contribute to wrinkled and sagging skin not to mention the diminishing of skin color and glow. There are few beauty skin care products available today that offer your skin the proper nutrients to have a positive effect on your skin while also helping to regenerate new skin cells.

Caviar is one of those ‘positive’ ingredients. It is highly effective and helps slow down and reduce the skin aging process. It not only helps to treat and correct age damage which has already been done to the skin, but it also helps to slow future aging to the skin on an on-going basis.

For year’s scientists have researched, comprised data, and written protocols for using Caviar on the skin and in skincare products. Caviar is rich in essential amino acids and peptides that work wonders on the skin as well as the regeneration of cells for problematic skin. This process stimulates cell metabolism and enriches the skin with a large number of nutrients needed for skin maintenance to help keep the skin looking young. It also helps to feed skin cells with vital nutrients to wake up these cells and to start regenerating them once again.

Diamond Sirt

Ageing is a syndrome of progressive changes which occur to molecules, cells and organs. Proteins, lipids and DNA are mainly affected.

Senescence is mainly a consequence of intracellular accumulation of damage in which ageing activators and ageing inhibitors play a key role in lifespan. SIRTUINS play a key role as they act as anti-ageing factors and, thus, have the ability to modulate cell lifespan.

What are Sirtuins?

A class of enzymes that are found in living organism to promote
biochemical reactions inside cells and allowing them to survive
damage and delay cell degradation.

What is Diamond Sirt?

DIAMOND SIRT is a conjugated compound made of Siliceous dioxide microspheres covered by Diamond aggregate which binds a Sirtuin-like peptide for its use in anti-ageing treatments.

Caviar is not just for eating! It’s for the skin, too.